Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island

The shipwreck site of HMS Sirius is situated in the waters of Slaughter Bay – Sydney Bay at Kingston.

Norfolk Island was a place of secondary punishment and colonial settlement during 1788-1814. Norfolk Island developed a reputation as one of the harshest Australia’s penal settlements during its second settlement 1825-1855.

Norfolk Island since 1856 has been home to the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and boasts its own unique language, a somewhat colourful convict history, dramatic coastal scenery, pristine beaches, coral lagoons, great restaurants and cafes, along with one of the world’s most scenic golf course.

The World Heritage listing of the Kingston Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) on Norfolk Island is of outstanding historic significance as a convict settlement spanning the era of transportation to eastern Australia between 1788 -1855. The HMS Sirius artefacts are mostly all housed in HMS Sirius Museum at Kingston on Norfolk Island Museum, being the most significant display of First Fleet cultural heritage held anywhere in Australia and its territories.

230th Shipwreck anniversary March 2020